9 Steps on How to Breed Danios

By | January 30, 2014

how to breed zebra daniosThis article will guide you on how to breed zebra danios in an aquarium.


Things You’ll Need

  • A 5-10 gallon tank
  • Marbles or rocks
  • Floating plants
  • Food for conditioning the adult fish
  • Food for feeding the fry
  • At least a pair of adult zebra Danio fish
  1. Start off with feeding your zebra danios with the best foods possible which is white worms, brine shrimp, tubifex you should do this for 1 – 2 weeks.
  2. This stage you should Acquire a separate aquarium of around 5 – 10 gallons.
  3. Now get the tank prepared for you conditioned danios fill conditioned water to a low level around half way. place some floating plants and place marbles on the tank bed to keep the water well aerated and clear.
  4. Place your conditioned danios into the tank and if your have been feeding them well you should be able to tell the males and females apart as the males are slimmer, more active and have a more intense coloration. Females that are ready to spawn are bigger around the abdominal area and they will also have white or pink coloration there.
  5. all you do now is just sit back and relax and wait for you danios to spawn there eggs that is if you have done all the above correct you should expect around 200 – 300 eggs laid this is where the marbles come into effect as the eggs will go in between them which if not there parents may eat them this is why marbles are a must if you are planning to breed zebra danios.
  6. once the eggs are laid remove the parent danios this should be around 2 – 3 hours after eggs have started to be laid.
  7. zebra danios eggs should hatch within 1 – 2 days but you should keep and eye within this time and if you do not see fry – babey danios withing 3 days then your breeding as been successful do not try put the parents back into the tank before you do so they after be reconditioned again.
  8. The fry – babey danios do not need feeding untill they are free swimming around the aquarium. Once they start to swim free feed them frequently small portions of finely ground flakes, paramecium,
  9. within a week of the fry been freely swimming start to feed them dry food made for egg-layer fry.



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